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Entrepreneurial Excellence: Student Startup Award

Founded by a group of undergraduate engineering students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Cast21 is using the latest in medical technology to create a waterproof, breathable cast for broken bones. Initially conceived during a senior design project, Cast21’s cast concept was inspired by co-founder Jason Troutner’s own experience in uncomfortable and irritating casts. Unlike traditional casts, Cast21’s solution has an open lattice design (inspired by a Chinese finger trap) that allows the wearer to wash and scratch the skin below the molding. Cast21 participated in UIUC’s iVenture Accelerator program and the Cozad New Venture competition, and has presented at the Hello Tomorrow Conference in Paris, as well as Chicago Techweek. Currently located at UIUC’s EnterpriseWorks lab space, Cast21 recently raised over $800K to support further product development.

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