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Landon Frye, Jake Kreider, and Sophie Roney - Granular, Inc.

Entrepreneurial Excellence: Management Award

Granular is an agriculture software and analytics company dedicated to helping agriculture leaders and farmers build stronger and smarter farms. With cloud, mobile and advanced data science technology, the Granular and AcreValue platforms make it easier to manage the business of farming and use data for critical decisions. Granular’s rapidly growing network of farms in the U.S. and Canada is finding new ways to profit from aggregated data, expertise and market power. Headquartered in San Francisco, Landon Frye (Director of Business Development), Jake Kreider (Engineering Director), and Sophie Roney (former Talent Coordinator) were crucial in advocating for the company to open up their second office in Champaign and worked together to build out the local office and team, now up to 60+ employees (& growing).